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      Old Ottawa South Community Association


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      Featured Events

      Community Events

      Jul 31

      Ottawa Storytellers

      The City of Ottawa Lansdowne Summer Arts Showse presents free performances in Aberdeen Plaza. This week: Ottawa Storytellers. Some seating is available; feel free to bring your own chair.

      Aug 13

      The Tempest

      The Company of Fools presents Shakespeare's story of freedom and redemption, The Tempest

      Aug 19

      House of PainT Festival

      Workshops, dance competitions, youth showses, poetry, music, and more at this festival under the Dunbar Bridge celebrating urban arts and culture.

      Sep 10

      Old Ottawa South Porch Sale

      A neighbourhood-wide event!


      Green Dreamers

      Old Ottawa South's Community Garden Brigade

      Senior Watch OOS

      Creating an age-friendly community.


      Sign up for “Between the Bridges”


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